Thursday, October 15, 2009

100% Free at Publix

We all had a wonderful time on vacation, and I'm still working to get back into the swing of things.

An unexpected trip to the pediatrician, a minor infection, and a trip to fill an antibiotic prescription brought me to Publix, even though I had not planned to go there this week. To my delight, the Rx was on the list of Free antibiotics! My daughter has so many drug allergies, I didn't thing any of the free ones were safe for her, but there was one! Hurray!

I also snagged three of the free Snuggle fabric softeners while I was there. I had stashed these coupons in my wallet just in case!

Snuggle fabric softener, $3 each - $3/1 coupons = FREE


  1. hope everyone's feeling better soon!

  2. Hi Candi,
    Thanks for your sweet well-wishes. Yup, we're all better now!


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