Sunday, August 30, 2009

Publix Roundup 8/30 - 86% Savings

I haven't quite got my groove with grocery shopping since school started. Many things in my weekly routine have been switched around with many new commitments. However, I did manage a Publix run today, and it was quite fun to shop without kids for a change. Here's my big, big list of free and ultra-cheap this week.

Publix Free and Ultra - Cheap

Rotisserie Chicken, $7.39 - Free rotisserie chicken Whole Foods coupon. (My Publix accepts
Whole Foods coupons as competitor coupons.) = FREE

10 x Yakisoba noodle bowls, 89c - 50c Q, doubled = Free plus overage

Coke Zero, $1.39 - FREE with coupon from My Coke Rewards

2 x Aunt Jemima Pancakes, $1.35 - 1 x $1/2 MQ - 2 x $1/1 Publix Q = Free plus overage

Dole Pineapple Mango Juice, 90c - 50c MQ, doubled = FREE

6 x Easy Mac Cups, 99c ea - 3 x BOGO coupons = 50c each, average * Qualifies for $20 Kraft rebate

Ritz Crackers, $1.75 - $1 MQ tearpad = 75c

Ritz Crackerfuls, $3.25 - FREE wyb Ritz crackers = FREE

3 x Nabisco Toasted Chips, $1.70 - $1 MQ = 70c each

2 x Hillshire Lunchmeats, $3 - $1 Target Q - 55c MQ = $1.45 each

Scotch Bubble Mailer, 69c - 50c Q, doubled = FREE plus overage

2 x Glad Sandwich bags = $1.79 - $1 Food Lion Q - 25c MQ, peelie, doubled = 24c each

Barilla pasta, 79c - 50c MQ, doubled = FREE plus overage

Glade mini candle, $3.19 - FREE product MQ = FREE

Lipton Family Size Decaf Tea, $3.99 - FREE product coupon from home mailer = FREE

8 x Lipton 16-ct black tea, $1.09 - $1/1 MQs from "Raise Your Hand for Savings" Unilever booklet at Publix = 9c each

2 x South Beach granola bars, $1.75 - $1 MQs = 75c each

2 lbs bananas @ 69c lb - 50c/lb Target Qs = 19c/ lb

Greenwise TP, $2.39 - Penny item coupon = 1c

McCormick Peppercorn Medley Grinder, $1 - $1 MQ = FREE (These are soooo good!)

Other Stuff:

Mahatma brown rice, $1.79 - 75c MQ = $1.09
2 x Sargento Cheese, $3.99 each - $1/2 MQ from Kroger home mailer
5 x Capri Sun, $1.99 each *Qualifies for $20 Kraft Rebate
apples, parmesan cheese, milk

I used a Publix $5/$30 and a Kroger $6/$60 Purchase

I will send my receipt in together with the receipt from this purchase
for the $20 Kraft rebate, so let's say the percentage of the rebate from this purchase is half or $10.

Total Value of Groceries = $127.98
Total Spent Before Tax = $28.34
Amount Saved from Sales and Coupons = $99.64
Amount earned on Rebate = $10
Total Savings = $109.64 or 86%

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Free Yakisoba Noodle Bowls at Publix

Did you receive a 50c/1 Yakisoba coupon in last Sunday's insert (8/23)? If your Publix store doubles, you can get these for free with possible overage. The regular price of these babies is 89c at Publix. You can probably get them for free at Kroger, too, but I haven't checked the price lately. (Kroger registers do not allow for overage and will adjust down the "doubled" value of the coupon.)

My son likes to take these to school for lunch. They make a nice change from sandwiches.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Publix Trip & More Target Finds

My girls and I were out doing errands. I stopped at a different Publix than my usual. They were in stock on the items I've been having trouble finding!

5 x Tidy Cats 14 lb, $6.99 BOGO ($3.50 each) - $2 peelies = $1.50 each

5 x Chinet Lunch Plates, $2.50 Advantage Buy - $2 MQ = 50c each
(We don't use many paper plates, but these are great for camping, birthday parties, and other parties! It's nice to have them in stock!)

6 x Glade 2-oz. Fragrance Collection candles, $3.19 - FREE item coupon = FREE

4 x I Can't Believe It's Not Butter sticks, BOGO $2.49 ($1.25 each) - $1 blinkie coupon (right there on the shelf by the sticks!) = 25c each

Kashi Reusable Bag - FREE
There was a lady giving out samples and coupons. When I told her how much we like Kashi products, she gave us this reusable bag. How nice.

I've misplaced my receipt, but here's how I work out the savings, excluding the Advantage Buy savings.
Total value of groceries: $76.55
Total spent: $11 before tax
Total saved: $65.55 pr 86%

Here are some more Target fun finds. Seems like I frequently need to go to Target for something. Today it was desk lamps. I try to pick up the great deals while I am there.

2 x Tide travel packs, 97c - $1 MQ (no size limit) = FREE

6 x General Mills cereal cups, $1 - $1 Target Q (no size limit) = FREE

10 x Skippy Natural Peanut Butter (Yes, we are crazy for this brand and for PB!), $1.79 - 9 x 55c Q and 1 x 60c Q = $1.24 each x 9 and $1.19 each x 1

3.3 lbs Gala apples, in three 1.1 lb. bags, $1.49 lb - 3 x $1/1 lb. Target Qs = $2
(I can hardly keep apples in the house!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Plentiful Publix (73% savings)

Super Publix Finds

2 x Starbucks Ice Cream, $1.79 - $2 MQ (regional) = FREE plus overage

Scotch Bubble mailing envelope = 69c - 50c MQ, doubled = FREE plus overage

2 x Cheerios Big Box, $2.50 - $1/2 MQ - 2 x $1 Target Q = $1/box

1 x Multigrain Cheerios Big Box, $2.50 - 75c MQ - $1 Target Q = 75c

3 x Back to Nature Granola, $1.80 - $1 MQs = 80c each

2 x Cascadian Farm Granola, $2.50 - $1 MQ = $1.50 each

2 x Kashi Honey Sunshine, $2.50 - $1.50 MQs = $1 each
(Our family really enjoys natural and organic breakfast cereals. My target price for regular cereal is $1/box. For natural or organic cereal, my target price is $1.50/box. Note to self: We do not need any more cereal for a few months!)

Luzianne Decaf Tea, $1.85 - 60c MQ = $1.25 (I'm so happy the decaf was included in the BOGO sale!)

Back To Nature Cookies, $1.44 - $1 MQs = 44c each. (These are soooo delicious.)

Glad Sandwich Bags, $1.79 - $1 Target Q - 25c MQ peelie, doubled = 29c

Skippy Natural Peanut Butter, $2 in-store special - 60c Q = $1.40 each

Bananas, 1.28 lb, 88c - 50c Target Q = 38c

Cameo apples, $1.48 - $1 Target Q = 48 c

Jazz apples, $1.79 - $1 Target Q = 79c (I think this rang up at the wrong price per lb. I will take back my receipt to check next time, just in case.)

More Super Publix Finds

11 YoPlus Yogurts, $1.25 each - $1 Qs, - $2/$10 Dairy Purchase (excluding cheese and milk) Kroger competitor coupon = 75c for 11 or 7 c each! - We love this brand!

2 Fiber One Yogurts, $1.15 each - $1.25 MQ = FREE

Reddi Whip, $1.50 - 50c Q, doubled = 50c

Tidy Cats Litter, BOGO $3.50 each - $2 MQ peelies = $1.50 each
(I'm so thankful when I can find inexpensive pet care products. I had $1 MQs from the newspaper, but when I got to the store, there were the $2 peelies! WHOO HOO!)

Publix Shopping Bag, 99c - Peelie Q FREE WYB 2 General Mills products

2 x Sargento Shredded Cheese, $2 each - $1/2 MQ = $1.50 each

3 x Sargento Sunbursts, $2 each - 40c MQ, doubled = $1.20 each

Hillshire Farm Turkey (not pictured), $3.99 - $1 Target Q = $2.99
(There are MQs out for this, but I didn't have them with me.)

Not pictured: Bread, eggs, wet ones, salad mix, milk, carrots, OJ

My store has been out of the $2.50 Chinet lunch plates ($2 Qs) and finally took down the shelf tags. I also haven't been able to get any of the free Glade Fragrance Collection soy candles. Maybe I will look at another store.

I used a $5/$25 Rite Aid competitor coupon.

Total value of groceries: $168.61
Total spent before tax: $44.69
Total Savings: $123.92 or 73%

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whew! It's the Start of a New School Year

I've been quite frazzled with the start of the new school year. In my house that means two kids off to private school and one child homeschooled: two different release times, carpools, five meetings in the past few days, and no school lunches!

Packing lunches five days per week can be a daunting task. How do yo make it healthy for a growing body, packable, and interesting enough for a kid to eat? Add to that each person's eating likes and dislikes. How do you avoid the endless string of sandwiches.

Here are some ideas that I throw into the mix (along with the ever-present sandwiches.)

* Crackers with PB, cheese, or hummus. See this wonderful post on "snacky lunch"
* Something microwavable, like Easy Mac cups or Yakisoba noodles
* Tortilla wraps (w/ homemade tortillas)

(Spicy mustard, honey ham, cheese, lettuce)
(All rolled up, and ready to go.)

My husband will also pack a simple tossed salad with a tiny container of dressing. This way, he can add it to the salad just before eating so that it doesn't get soggy. My kids will eat salad at home, but we haven't been adventuresome enough to try it at school.

I'd love to hear your creative school lunch ideas, too!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Produce Coupons

I just wanted to mention that there are some nice fresh produce Target printable coupons. Be sure to print some if you are heading to a Super Target or a Publix that accepts Target coupons.

$1/1 lb. or more bulk apples

$1/1 whole pineapple

$1/5-lb bag of Green Giant Potatoes

50c / 1-lb or more bananas.

I'm so happy to see these, as I'm always looking for ways to save money on produce.

Here's a tip to maximize your savings. If the coupon is for 1-lb or more, break your purchase up into 1-lb bags and make multiple transactions if necessary. Fortunatley, my Publix and my Target do not require me to do this.

See my post about printing Target coupons for more tips!

Blessings and good health to you.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cake Mix Cookies

When I make cookies for home, I do like to make them from scratch. When I need to bring a dessert to a school or church function, I am not always so motivated. Here's a little recipe that is sure to please. It makes it even nicer if you have a few boxes of cake mix in your stockpile that you purchased for pennies! These make a nice soft sugar cookie.

Cake Mix Cookies

1 boxed yellow cake mix
1/2 c. vegetable oil
3 eggs
1 t. vanilla

Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Roll into balls and drop onto ungreased cookie sheets. Bake at 350 F for 10-12 minutes. Cool on pan briefly before transferring to a baking rack. Allow cookies to cool completely.

Cookie Frosting: Mix about 1/2 c. or so of powdered sugar with a tiny bit of water until the sugar reaches spreadable consistency. Add a drop or two of food coloring and mix well. Spread onto cooled cookies.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fun in the Mail & Kroger Mega Sale

Sometimes going to the mailbox is a little bit like Christmas. You never know what goodies you are going to receive. In yesterday's mail I received

(1) A mailer from Vocalpoint for a free box of Rice Krispies (and several other coupons for Rice Krispies.) If you haven't signed up for Vocalpoint yet, I recommend that you do so. They send out fantastic coupons and free samples. This year I have received free Kashi Waffles, a free Bounce Dryer Bar, some great high-value coupons, and the free box of Kellogg's Rice Krispies.

(2) I also received a free sample of Mighty Leaf Tea from Kroger's webstite. It hit the spot while I sorted and filed my coupons. I don't think this sample is still available, but there are other free samples available HERE shipped right to your door!

(3) Lastly, I received a mailer from Kroger (with coupons) for the upcoming Mega Sale Event. I've seen some buzz about this in the blog-o-sphere, and I'm looking forward to a great two weeks shopping. (Publix's ad doesn't excite me very much this week, so Kroger will be getting my business most likely.) The Mega Event lasts August 16 - August 29.

The Mega Sale gives you the opportunity to earn $5 off your grocery bill for each set of 10 participating items that you purchase. That works out to 50c per item, plus you can also use coupons. This is one of the few times at Kroger that you can actually get overage on your purchases. The $5 credit is separate from your sale pricing and coupons.

Here are the rumored products that the Mega Event will mostly be General Mills products and affiliated brands including:

AMP Energy, Aquafina, Betty Crocker Baking Mixes, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, Cascadian Farms Cereals and Bars, Cap’n Crunch, Cheerios, Cheetos, Chex Mix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, Dole Juices and Juice Drinks, Fiber One, Fritos, Gatorade, Golden Grahams, Green Giant, Hamburger Helper, Life , Lipton Tea, Nature Valley, Old El Paso, Pepsi family of 2 Liters, Pillsbury, Progresso, Propel, Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Quaker Chewy Bars, Starbucks, Sobe Life Water, Totino’s, Trix, Tropicana, Yoplait and MORE!

Fortunately for us, there are tons of these coupons floating around from the Sunday inserts. There are also many, many more coupons for these guys at and

Here are some other hints for shopping the Mega Event:
(1) You must have groups of 10 products to earn the $5 discount. Double, triple, and quadruple check you item count before you check out. It would be a shame to go to the register with 19 items, and only earn one $5 discount, instead of hitting the 20-item mark and getting two $5 discounts.

(2) You can have more than one group of 10 Mega Sale Items, just make sure you have groups of 10. Some of Kroger's Mega Sales limit you to three discounts. It is rumored that there won't be a limit this time.

(3) Bring extra ideas and coupons to the store in case some of your planned purchases are sold out. This can easily happen. You plan to buy certain things, but the shelf has already been cleaned out. Build in some flexibility to your shopping plan, and don't worry. The sale lasts two weeks.

(4) In the event that you have overage on some of your purchases, make sure you have enough items in your order to absorb the credit. For example, if you buy five things that earn you 50 cents overage, that gives you $2.50 overage total. Do not expect to get cash out of the till. Use the overage to buy something that you can't usually get a good deal on. For me, it's usually produce, milk, and eggs!

Kroger usually puts the new sale up on their website on Saturday morning. Have fun, and happy shopping.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Fun Instant Win Games

Kroger is sponsoring a "Gas and Grocery" sweepstakes on their website. They are giving away 5,000 prizes, including a diamond pendant, $25 Best Buy gift cards, $25 Olive Garden Gift Cards, $25 Home Depot Gift Cards, $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Cards, $25 Kroger Gift Cards, $25 itunes Gift Cards, and $5 store credits.

You can play once per day until September 11th. I haven't won yet, but I'm giving it a try. While you are at the Kroger website, make sure you are signed up to received coupons and special offers from Kroger in the mail. They send out great coupons periodically.

Go HERE to give it a try.

Another instant win game is going on over at Pace Foods. You can win a free jar of salsa. Click HERE, and you can enter once per day.

Staples: Penny Spiral Notebooks

Here's what you can buy for 24 cents at Staples. Well, I should say, here's what you can buy with 24 cents if you have three kids with you!

Twenty-four notebooks for 24 cents. I stocked up on these babies last summer at the penny sales, and I used up every single one! In addition to son's math homework, etc., I use these weekly to make my shopping lists and meal plans.

Younger children feel so important, too if they have their own "big kid" notebook to practice writing letters. That gives a lot of fine motor development for a penny. If I have leftovers, I will donate to the Children's Restoration Network through my church or use them next year. Hey, it's not like they have an expiration date.

Hurry, this deal ends today at Staples. There is a limit of six per person at the penny price.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Publix 8/11 - Publix Savings $149 or 77%

I didn't make it to Publix for my usual Monday trip, but we had great fun at the store on Tuesday!

Free and Ultra Cheap

16 lb. bag Purina Cat Food, $10.99 on sale - $3 MQ = $7.99 - $12 rebate = FREE plus $4.01 Money Maker
(I took my kitten to the vet last week for shots and found a fantastic rebate from Purina for $12 rebate when you buy 12 lbs or larger bag of cat food. Funny that it didn't say "up to $12". So, I am sending it in, and hope to get the $12 rebate. You just never know when great deals will pop out at you.)

4 Candy Bars, 89c each - 2 BOGO Target Coupons - 2 x $1/2 MQs = FREE plus overage

2 gallons milk, $2 each - FREE milk WYB $100 groceries. The register took off $4 for each of these, so FREE plus $4 overage!

1 half-gallon chocolate milk, $2.49 - FREE chocolate milk WYB white gallon. The register took off $3.75, so FREE plus $1.26 overage

2 x Lipton Tea 16 ct., $1.09 - 50c Q, doubled = 9c each

3 x Crest Toothpaste, $1.89 - $1 Publix Q - 50c MQ, doubled = Free plus overage
(The Publix Q is from a "Live Well, Feel Beautiful P&G booklet, which came out earlier this year and has no expiration date. The register didn't recognize the LU#, but the cashier keyed it in manually.) = FREE plus overage

Sundown Vitamin Deal
** There is a potential big money maker here. However, instead of focusing on getting the most overage by buying the cheapest Sundown products, I chose to focus on the things our family will most use.

2 x Sundown Saw Palmetto, $5.39 each - $6/2 Publix Q - $5/2 Manufacturer Q = Free plus a small amount of overage. (My overage doesn't cover the tax I will pay, but this product is something my husband uses, so I like getting it for free!!)

2 x Sundown Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc, $3.89 - $6/2 Publix Q - $3/2 Manufacturer's Q = FREE plus a little overage

2 x Sundown Vitamin D, $2.99 each $2.99 each - $6/2 Publix Q - $3/2 Manufacturer's Q = FREE plus a little overage. Free plus $3.02 overage. The vitamin D is the least expensive Sundown product that I found at my store.

2 x Scotch Bubble mailer, 69c - 50c Q doubled = FREE plus 31c overage

Soft Soap Body Wash, $1.40 - $2 MQ = FREE plus 60c overage

Edge Shaving Gel, $2.13 - $1.50 Target Q - 75c MQ = Free plus overage

Skintimate Shaving Gel, $2.13 - $1.50 Target Q - $1 MQ = Free plus overage

Fiber One Toaster Pastries, $1.15 - 50c Q, doubled = 15c

Bag of Lay's Chips, $2 - $1 Peelie MQ = $1 (My husband's favorite.)

Breyers Ice Cream, $2.50 - $1 MQ = $1.50

3 x Crisco Olive Oil, $3.25 ea - $1 MQs = $2.25 each

7 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, 50c each - 50c/6 MQ (doubled) - Free cup WYB6 = 29c average/cup

The Rest of the Haul

Other Deals of note:

4 x Kraft Cheese, $1.67 each - 2 x $1/2 MQs = $1.17 each (I truly think I can never buy too much cheese for my household!!)

3 Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Bread, $1.99 - 55c MQ = $1.45. This is really nice bread!!

Cottonelle 12 pack, sale $5.99 - $1 MQ = $4.99

Smithfield Ham Slice, $4.37 on sale - $1 MQ = $3.37

I also used a $5 off $45 Kroger coupon and a $5/25 CVS coupon.

Total Value of Groceries Purchased = $197.15, before tax
Total Paid Before Tax = $57.86
(Tax = $6.06)
Total Amount of Savings (In-Store)= $139.29
Cat Food Rebate = $12
Total Savings = $151.29 or 77%

Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!

Here's a budget birthday cake for a swimming pool party!

Yellow cake mix: 13c w/coupon
3 eggs: 30c
Oil & water: 5 c

Buttercream frosting
1 stick of butter: Free w/ coupon
1 lb. powdered sugar: 79c
vanilla & food coloring: 10c

Fudge grahams: $2
Lifesaver "swim rings" and gummy bear "swimmers": $2
Candles: 8c (pack of 100 from dollar store)

Total cost of cake: $5.45

Cost of cake from grocery store bakery $40

Total saved by making your own: 86%

(And the party goers ate every last crumb!)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Target Fun Finds

Here were some fun finds at Target today. Only the Tide beeped. My friendly cashier just pushed the magical "K1" key and it went through!

3 x Tide Travel Size, 97c - $1 MQ (good on any size) = FREE

2 x Renu Contact Solution, $1.49 - $1 MQ (good on any size) = 49c each

6 x Single Serve Kashi Cereal Cups, $1 - $1 Target IPQ = FREE (no beeps!)

2 Boxes Kashi Go Lean, $3.29 - $1 Target IPQ - $1.50 MQ = 79c

2 Boxes Kashi TLC Crackers, $3.54 - 2x $1.50 MQ (WYB Kashi Go-Lean) - 1 x $1/2 Target IP = $1.54 each

4 bags apples, just over 1 lb. each, $1.49 lb - $1/1 lb. apples. Makes it about 49c / lb!
(1 lb of apples is three small apples or two large apples. My bags were 1.07#, 1.09#, 1.12#, and 1.14 #)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

CVS - $34 worth of merchandise for Profit

CVS is legendary in the frugal shopping world for their Extra Bucks (EBs) deals where you can get items for free or almost nothing out-of-pocket (OOP). I religiously shopped at CVS all during the spring, summer, and fall of 2008 to build up my stockpile of health and beauty aid items.

Then two thing happened. Firstly, I was so stockpiled up on our supplies that I didn't feel the urgency to go out every week and work the EB deals. Also, I started feeling frustrated with the stores for being out of stock week-in and week-out on the things I wanted to buy. I found myself living from raincheck to raincheck. Eventually, I had a big quantity of Extra Bucks expire. I spent my remaining Extra Bucks on things our family needed in the short-term, and I took a six-month break from CVS.

Now, all that said and done, I was running low on cokes, so last week, I bought four 12-packs at CVS and earned 3 Extra Bucks. Hmmm... What to do with them. I decided to jump back into the fray this week. Yes, there were many of the free school supply items out of stock, but there were still many deals to work with.

First Transaction
Jack Link's Chicken Nugget Jerky, $3.99 - FREE coupon from All*You = FREE
Soft Soap Serums, $4.99 - $2 MQ = $2.99
Used $3 Extra Bucks from last week

Subtotal = -$0.01
Total with tax = 46c
Earned 4 Extra Bucks for Softsoap
Got a coupon for free CVS aspirin

Second Transaction
2 Packs of Stayfree, $5 each, - $1 MQ ip, -$1.50 CVS Q from scanner, - BOGO Q = $2.50 for 2
Caliber Compas, $1.50
CVS aspirin, $1.99 - FREE coupon from above
used 4 Extra Bucks from above
Subtotal = 0
Total with tax = 70c
Earned 5 Extra Bucks for Stayfree
Earned $1.50 for Compass
Earned a second Free Aspirin coupon. (I don't know why I got two.)

Third Transaction
2 x Caliber 1-subject notebooks, 99c each
1 x Caliber protractor, $1.50
2 x Caliber erasers, 99c each
2 x M&M candy packs (filler) 45c each
CVS 100 ct. aspirin, $1.99 - FREE item coupon

Used $1.50 EBs & $5 EBs from #2

Subtotal $0
Total with tax, 43c

Earned $1.98 EBs for notebooks
Earned $1.50 EBs for protractor
Earned $1.98 EBs for erasers

Transaction Summary
I started the day with $3 Extra Bucks,
spent zero before tax,
paid $1.59 in tax.
I ended the day with $5.46 Extra Bucks.

Total value of goods purchased = $34.47 (including sale pricing savings)

(And all that with three antsy kids!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Publix: Free Post Cereal 8/6 - 8/12

This has been bouncing around the blog-o-sphere, but just in case you haven't seen it here it is. Publix will be having their Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal on BOGO sale 2 for $3.99 ($1.00 each except Florida). The sale starts Thursday (Wednesday in some areas.)

Go HERE to print a $2 off coupon for Honey Bunches of Oats, Peacan Bunches flavor. Print and enjoy your free box of cereal.


Healthy Eating: Whole Wheat Pancakes

When I make pancakes, I make up a huge batch and freeze the leftovers to have during the next week. To freeze, layer individual pancakes between waxed paper and store in a gallon zip-top bag. Reheat in the microwave for 30 seconds per pancake, or pop them into the toaster.

Whole Wheat Pancakes

4 1/2 c. whole wheat pastry flour (I used freshly milled soft white wheat.)
2 T. baking powder
3 c. skim milk
6 eggs
1/2 c. canola oil

Mix together dry ingredients. Add liquids. Stir just until mixed. Fry on a hot griddle.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Staples: Penny Notebook Paper

I am very thankful for Staples and their back-to-school deals. I have been holding out on buying notebook paper, praying for a good sale. Hope did not disappoint. My three kids and I each picked up 5 packs of notebook paper during the wonderful sale this week. It was kind of fun handing each kid a nickel and 5 packs of paper, having them go through the line, and pay for their purchase.

Twenty packs for 20c. That is hard to beat. Some of this paper will go to our church's school supply drive for the Children's Restoration Network.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Publix Madness! Huge Trip - $157 or 84% savings

I had one huge trip to Publix today with two transactions, and one small trip yesterday. I had to take three photos to get it all in. By the third photo, I was so tired and hungry, that I didn't stack it all up as pretty....

Free and Super Cheap

3 Edge Shaving Gel, $2.13 each - $1.50 Target Qs - 75c MQs = FREE plus overage

3 Skintimate Shaving Gel, $2.13 - $1.50 Target Qs - $1 MQs = FREE plus overage

2 Gallons milk, $2.25 - $4 Free Milk Coupon = FREE plus $1.75 overage

2 Half-Gallons Chocolate Milk, $2.49 - 3.75 Free Choc. Milk Coupon = FREE plus $1.26 overage

Hefty One Zip Fresh Extend, $1.97 - $1 MQ - $1 Target Q = FREE plus overage

Publix Raisins, FREE WYB Sunmaid Raisins

12 boxes Pop-Tarts, $1.20 each - 6 x $1/2 MQs - 12 x 75c/1 Target Qs = FREE plus overage
(No, I don't let my kids eat Pop-Tarts everyday for breakfast! These will be mixed in with healthier fare. LOL!)

Publix Spring Water, 6-pack, 1c, Penny item

Scotch Bubble Envelope Mailer, 69c - 50c Q, doubled = FREE plus overage

2 x Bic Crystal Pen 2-pack, 99c each - $1/2 MQ - $1/2 Target Q = FREE

2 x Sundown Saw Palmetto, $5.39 each - $6/2 Publix Q - $5/2 MQ = FREE plus overage

Glade Fragrance Collection Candle, $3.19 - $3 MQ = 19c
(This will go into a gift bag at Christmas time, most likely!)

2 x Frosted Flakes, $1.99 - 2 x $1/1 Food Lion Q - $1/2 MQ = 49c each

Bertolli Pasta Sauce, $1.35 - 50c MQ, doubled = 35c

4 x Publix yogurt cups, 40c each - 75c/4 any yogurt = 21c each

2 x Publix Old Fashioned Oats, $1.59 - $1/1 Store Brand Food Lion Q = 59c each

Pert Plus, $2.99 - $1 Publix Q - $1 MQ = 99c

2 x Suave Shampoo, $1.33 each - $1/2 = 83c each

6 Mueller's Pasta, $0.65 each - $2x $1/3 MQs = 32 cents per box

6 x Birds Eye Steam Fresh Green Beans, 89c each - 2 x $1/3 Qs = 56c each

Fiber One Granola Bars Value Pack, $2.75 - 1 Q peelie = $1.75

Nature Valley Granola Bars Value Pack, $2.74 - 50c Q, doubled = $1.74

Kraft 2% Mozzarella, $2.79 - $1 MQ = $1.79
Kraft 2% Sharp Cheddar, $2.79 - $1 MQ = $1.79
2 x Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese, (Four Cheese & Sharp Cheddar), $1 each - $1.50/2 = 25c each
Cost of four items = $4.07
They earn a $10 Publix Gift Card.
Four Free items plus $5.93 overage.

The Rest of the Haul

2 lbs apples, $3.20 - 2 x $1/1 lb. Target Q = $1.20

Value of groceries = $198.29 before tax
For this transaction, I paid $41.71 before tax
I saved $156.58 and earn a $10 gift card
Percentage Savings = 86%

Second Transaction
"Free" Crackers
Kraft Back-to-School $20 Rebate Deal

Kraft is having a buy 20 items, get a $20 rebate deal. I blogged about it HERE.

I couldn't resist scooping these Nabisco crackers up for half of the required purchases.

5 Ritz Crackers, $1.75 each - $1 MQ Tearpad = 75c each

5 Wheat Thins, $3.25 each, Used FREE Wheat Thins WYB Ritz = FREE

Total Cost of Transaction = $4.48 after Tax
Earns half of the $20 rebate. So let's say it earns $10.
That makes these 10 boxes of crackers free plus a $5.52 money-maker (sort of).
I'm working on the Easy Mac and Drink requirements of the rebate. I have until the end of the year.
Little Sunday Trip - Saved 86%

2 Sunday Papers, $1.87 each
4 Muir Glen, 89c each - $1 MQs = FREE plus overage
4 Pop Tarts - 2 x $1/2 MQs - 4 x 75c Target Qs = FREE
Publix Spring Water, penny item
Publix Milk, $2.25 - 75c MQ
Publix Chocolate milk, $2.49 - FREE milk Q, took off 3.75 = FREE plus overage

Value of groceries $23.57
Total paid before tax =$ 3.23, which is less than the cost of the papers!
Total saved $20.34, or 86%

I don't know about you, but I'm bushed!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rite Aid: Saved 99.6%

Rite Aid is having an incredible free-after-rebate sale. Combine the free items with a $5 off $25 purchase coupon, and either make a profit, or pick up something you need (but can't seem to find a deal on it!)

Venus Spa Breeze Razor, $7 - $2 Q (-$5 rebate) = FREE
Werther Caramel & Milk Chocolate, $2.99 - $2.99 rebate = FREE
Packing Tape, $1.49 -$1.49 rebate = FREE
Wart Remover, $14.99 - $14.99 rebate = FREE
Crest Pro Health, $2.79- $2.79 rebate -75c coupon = FREE plus 75c overage
Renu Multiplus Contact Solution, $9.99 - $1 MQ = FREE plus $1 overage
Mentadent toothpaste, $3.99 (My husband needed this!)

Used $5 off $25 purchase

Paid $37.40 for the above items, including tax.
I will get back $37.25 in rebates.
Net cost is 15c!

There are many more free-after-rebate items offered this week. I focused on the items that our family uses or needs. For a complete list, I suggest you visit Southern Savers.