Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whew! It's the Start of a New School Year

I've been quite frazzled with the start of the new school year. In my house that means two kids off to private school and one child homeschooled: two different release times, carpools, five meetings in the past few days, and no school lunches!

Packing lunches five days per week can be a daunting task. How do yo make it healthy for a growing body, packable, and interesting enough for a kid to eat? Add to that each person's eating likes and dislikes. How do you avoid the endless string of sandwiches.

Here are some ideas that I throw into the mix (along with the ever-present sandwiches.)

* Crackers with PB, cheese, or hummus. See this wonderful post on "snacky lunch"
* Something microwavable, like Easy Mac cups or Yakisoba noodles
* Tortilla wraps (w/ homemade tortillas)

(Spicy mustard, honey ham, cheese, lettuce)
(All rolled up, and ready to go.)

My husband will also pack a simple tossed salad with a tiny container of dressing. This way, he can add it to the salad just before eating so that it doesn't get soggy. My kids will eat salad at home, but we haven't been adventuresome enough to try it at school.

I'd love to hear your creative school lunch ideas, too!

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