Friday, September 25, 2009

Generous Living

One of the wonderful effects of frugal shopping is being able to be generous with our stockpiles towards others. I'm so grateful for all that we have, and when an opportunity comes along to share with others, I jump for joy at the chance to do so.

A dear extended family member is without a job and has had a terrible run of bad luck lately. I'm happy to be able to put this nice basket together to help out a little. Everything in the basket was free after sales and coupons. The basket was from Michael's at a 50% off sale. The cello wrap is from the dollar store.

My good friend is collecting gifts and toiletries for a home for teen girls. The girls have been abandoned by their families and are victims of child sex trafficking in Atlanta. I made a quick pass through my stockpille and pulled out some things to donate. I will probably make another pas again to collect more things for this donation.

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