Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Griddle Toasted Tortilla Chips

It's so true that necessity is the mother of invention. I had made a batch of our family's favorite Homemade Salsa but we ran out of store-bought corn tortilla chips before we ran out of salsa. I had made flour tortillas on a previous day for fajitas, and we had some left over. My husband was salivating over the salsa and despaired that there were no more chips left! What to do???

Whip out your griddle, slice up the tortillas, and toast them on medium high-heat until nicely browned! I flipped them a couple of times per side. They were surprisingly crisp and didn't get soggy in the salsa. Delicious!


  1. Yum! You are SO smart! I am glad to hear that you did not get washed away in the flood!

  2. Thanks Sherryl,
    You are so sweet! We didn't get washed away, but out little backyard creek became quite a river. Luckily our house is not in the flood zone!


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