Saturday, September 19, 2009

This really is a week of "so many coupons, so little time" for me! I never have time to pick up all the amazing deals that are at the stores each week.

I did hit Walgreens for free Triaminic and True North snacks. Should I get free Cover Girl at Rite-Aid? Should I go to Target for free Kashi cereal? Should I go to Kroger for free bacon and Reeses? When all these options are swirling in my head, and I have limited time because of other responsibilities, I try to go for what our family most needs, and work it into my other errands.

We already have tons of cereal, so I am letting Kashi at Target pass.
I am running low on kids' cold medicine, so I did work that in at Walgreens.
Publix is always a must!
I don't need makeup as much as I need food, to Kroger wins!!

I printed some $3/1 Smithfield Bacon coupons last month from the company website. (I wish they were still available.) I've been waiting for it to go on sale!

2 x Smithfield bacon, $2.50 each - $3 Qs = FREE plus $1 overage

4 Reeses cups, 50c each - 2 x 55c Qs and 2 x BOGO Qs = FREE plus 10c overage

2 x Arnold bread, $1.09 each (great price!)

Oodles of apples, $1/lb.

It's nice to have the overage to go toward my oodles of apples!

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