Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kroger and Walgreens: Lots of Frees (Wags Paid Me!)

I hit Walgreens and Kroger while my son was in music lessons today. I had something happen that has never happened to me before. Walgreens paid me money back to shop there!

M&Ms, 49c
Twix, 49c
Milky Way, 49c
Milky Way Dark, 49c
2 Rimmel Nail Polish, Buy-One Get-One sale

Used 2 x $1/2 Mars products
Used 1 Buy-One Get-One Free Manufacturer Q.

I was expecting to pay tax on this transaction, but the cashier handed me a gift card with a 20c credit on it!


My receipt got completely eaten up in the register, so I do not know what percentage I saved, but I expect it was over 85%. If I had not bought the apples and potatoes, it would have been in the high 90% range.

8 Playtex Handsaver Gloves, $1 ea - $1 Q = FREE

5 Crest Toothpastes, $1 ea - 50c Q, doubled = FREE
(coupons expire on 7/31)

5 Oral B Toothbrushes, $1 ea - $1 Q = FREE
(coupons expire on 7/31)

2 Purina Friskies Cat Food, $3.29 - $3.50 Q ( = FREE
(cashier adjusted down the value of the coupon)
I also received a catalina coupon for $1 off my next shopping order for buying 2 Friskies. This makes my cat food a $1 money maker.

4 Eggo Waffles, 98c - $1 Q = FREE
(These are part of a Thursday only 50% off Kellogg's Sale at Kroger. My cashier adjusted down the value of the coupons. Kroger registers do not allow overage.)

7 Mahatma White Rice 1 lb., $1.09 - ea - 50c Q, doubled = 9c each

1 Mahatma Brown Rice, 28 oz, $2.29 - 50c Q, doubled = $1.29
(My coupons would expire on 7/31.)

Cinnabon Bars, $1.99 - $1 Printable = 99c
(Also part of the Kellogg's Thursday 50% off sale.)

10 lbs. potatoes, $1.99

3 lbs. apples, $2.49, Manager's Special

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  1. Great trips! Getting money back has only happened to me once and it was a complete surprise. But how cool is that!?


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