Thursday, July 9, 2009

Target: Kashi & Kellogg's: Saved 88%

I'm so sad that my 10-year-old camera may have finally given up the ghost. And so, I have no photo for this post.

When I have a shopping trip like today, I just want to jump up and down and thank Jesus for his wonderful provision for us. I'd also like to thank Target, Kelloggs's and Kashi for bringing such wonderful deals. I was so excited at the register that I forgot to use my $5 gift card. Oh well, there is always next time!

Kellogg's Deal with Rebate
4 boxes Eggos ("Star Trek" type on sale) $1.50 each - $1 off any Eggo Frozen product = 50c each

4 boxes Eggos Bake Shop Mini Muffin Tops $1.50 each - $1 Eggo Bake Shop printables = 50c each

2 boxes Pop-Tarts, $1.52 - 55c/1 MQ = 97c each
10 items for a total price of $5.94
These items qualify for a $10 rebate from Kellogg's, so this part of the transaction is a $4 Money-Maker!

See details about the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate HERE. (Ten participating Kellogg's items must be purchased in a single transaction.)

Go HERE to find out how you can get some Eggo Bake Shop printable coupons.

Kashi Sale Items
Many Kashi items are on sale at Target this week. Additionally, Target's website has a huge number of printable store coupons good for Kashi products. We really, really like Kashi products. It's a good thing. It will help offset some of the less healthy Eggos and Poptarts I purchases above (LOL).

2 boxes Kashi TLC crackers, $2.50 each - 2 x $1.00 MQ - $1/2 Target Q = $1 each

2 boxes Kashi TLC cookies, $2.50 each - 2 x $1.00 MQ - $1/2 Target Q = $1 each

Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal, $2.66 - $1 MQ - 50c Target Q = $1.66 each

2 boxes Kashi TLC granola bars & cereal bars, $2.50 - 2 x $1.50 MQ - $1/2 Target Q = 50c each

4 boxes Kashi TLC granola bars & cereal bars, $2.50 - 4 x $1 MQ - 2 x $1/2 Target Q = $1 each

You can go HERE to register and print off two $1.50 off Kashi TLC cereal bar coupons per computer.

You can go HERE to print off two $1.50 Kashi cereal coupons per computer.

The total value of groceries purchased was $54.44
Total savings after coupons was $37.90
Total paid (before rebate) was $16.54 before tax.
Net cost after rebate is $6.54 for a boatload of breakfast foods!

Total savings after coupons and rebate is $47.90 or 88%

Now, I'm off to mail in my rebate......


  1. I did the exact same thing! I was so excited about my savings (79%) that I forgot to use a $5.00 gift card that's been burning a hole in my pocket for months!

  2. I just went to Target and got Kashi items, it says they qualify for the rebate. Which one is that? I thought it was just kelloggs items for that rebate. Is there a rebate availabe for Kashi too?

  3. Hello FriendsOfGod,
    I am not aware of a Kashi rebate. Could you please share more information with us if you find out more?


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