Friday, July 31, 2009

Publix 7/31: Saved 97% w/End of Month Coupons

I stopped by Publix today to use up some good coupons that were expiring. I made a mistake of picking up 3 Mt. Olive pickles which weren't on sale. I will exchange those next trip and repurchase to adjust my total to the numbers listed here!

5 Jars Mt Olive Pickles, $1.10 - 50c Q, doubled = 10c each

10 boxes Kellogg's Pop Tarts, $1.20 each. Used 5 x $1/2 MQ and 10 x 75c/1 Target Q = FREE plus overage.

5 Yakisoba Noodles, $0.89 each - 35c Q doubled = 19c each (This was my son's request.)

Tidy Cats, 6.99 - $2 MQ = $4.99 (Need it now!)

1.09 lbs. Braeburn apples, $1.62 - $1 Target Q (for 1 lb. bulk apples or more) = 62c

1.25 lbs. Red Delicious apples, $1.86 - $1 Target Q = 86c

4 Carefree, $1.39 each. Used 2 x $1/2 MQ and 1 x $3/3 Publix Q = 56c for four
(I messed up on this one. I wanted to buy 6 packs, use 3 x $1/2 MQs and 2 x $3/3 Publix Qs. It would have been a moneymaker, but I only brought one Publix Q with me, and the Green Advantage Buy flyers were no longer out, so I had to adjust on the fly.)

Cherries, $3.12

First Aid Deal
1 Band Aids, $2.39 - 50c Q doubled = $1.39
2 boxes J&J Steri-pads, $1.79 each - $3/2 MQ = $0.58 for 2
Total for above = $1.97 - $5/3 Publix Q = FREE $3.03 money maker

I also used a $5/25 Rite Aid Coupon.

Total Value of Groceries $61.40
Total Paid $1.61 (after exchange price adjustment)
Total Saved $59.79 or 97%


  1. Great trip, and your getting the $10 rebate,I'm impressed.

  2. Very nice job! I was told some months ago that my Publix did not accept drug store coupons, but overheard a cashier this past week saying that they do. I'll be checking into that for sure!!

  3. Hi,
    I found you through the website. I like to try to find other blogs that live in the Georgia or Alabama area that shop at Publix and CVS! I live down by Ft. Benning and shop pretty much at Publix always! Great deals!


  4. i have a question. How are you figuring your savings percent? I tried using "is over of is equal to percent over 100" and I dont think im plugging in the right numbers in the right places. Its been a LONG time since 10th grade :)

  5. Hi DeLa,
    I add the "total savings" to the actual amount I paid before tax. This gives me the "total value of groceries purchaed." Then you divide you "total savings" by the "total value of groceries. Multiply by 100, and that is your percentage savings.

  6. So many coupons, so little time! That is SOOO true!! I'm just browsing through my fellow couponer's blogs and continue to be inspired!! Keep up the good work!

  7. I was just told at my Publix over the weekend that, at my store at least, they're "not supposed to" accept Food Lion, Target and Super Target any longer. I didn't ask if it was a corporate or store policy, but am not pleased by this news.

  8. I was told today that my publix was no longer excepting foodlion coupons unless its within a 5 mile radias of store. They never would take target coupons :(

  9. You are rocking it this week!!!! I thought I was doing good with $3.17!!!

  10. Hi Tina, Angie,
    I know that Publix's acceptance of competitor coupons varies widely from store to store. You might want to check around with other publix stores in your area. you might find one that is more coupon friendly. My favorite store used to only accept Kroger and no one else. (Even though there is a Super Target 1 mile away!) Then we got a new store manager, and they take almost everything now!

    We all have to work within the parameters given to us by the store. Just do the best you can, and have fun with it!!

  11. so - are you not worried that the target coupons all say "limit one per customer" or something along those lines? My Publix takes Target coupons, but I don't want to push my luck by turning in more than one for each item purchased when the coupons clearly say "limit one per transaction/customer" (like the pop tarts). If Target won't take more than one, why should we ask Publix to take more than one? Just saying - maybe the Publix stores wouldn't stop taking target, food lion, or other competitor coupons if certain people were not abusing the privilege.

  12. Hello Anonymous,
    I understand your concern about using multiple Target coupons in one transaction, and I have discussed it elsewhere in my blog. My local SuperTarget will accept multiples of these IPs when I shop there. They have never limited me in the number of Target coupons I use. By the same token, my Publix has allowed the same. These two stores are direct competitors, about 1 mile apart.

    If either store requests me to limit my Target IP use to one per transaction, I will do that. Publix coupon policy varies from store to store. Some people will break up their transactions if they need to use more than one store IP.

    You could always talk to your Publix customer service people and as them what is their policy with accepting more than one per transaction.

    For my discussion on Target coupons, check out my blog post


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