Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Publix Trip 7/20: Monday Madness, 80% Savings

It was really good to be shopping at Publix again this week. I missed you, Publix. Again, I am overwhelmed with the opportunities for free and very inexpensive groceries.

Publix Free and Super Cheap

6 x Carefree Liners, $1.39 each - 3 x $1/2 MQs - 2 x $3/3 Publix Qs = Free plus 66c overage total

4 x Bic Mechanical Pencil, $1 each - 50c Q printable (no longer available) doubled = FREE

2 x Reach Floss, $1.49 - $1 Publix Q - 50c MQ doubled = FREE plus $1.02 overage total

6 x Bandaids, $2.19 each - 6 x 50c MQs doubled - 2 x $5/3 Publix Qs = FREE plus $6.20 overage total

Dole Pineapple Chunks, 89c - 50c (from Parenting magazine), doubled = FREE plus 11c overage

8 x Muir Glen Tomato Sauce, 89c - 8 x $1/1 printables = FREE plus 88c overage total

2 x Skintimate Shave Gel, $2 each - 2 x $1.50 Target Q (I found at my gym) - $1.50/2 MQ = FREE plus 50c overage

3 x McCormick Grinders, $1 - $1 Q = FREE (I got a raincheck to buy more.)

Publix Frosted Flakes, 1c (Mystery Item)

Capri Sunrise, $1.89 - $1 MQ = 89c (to be used for daughter's birthday party next month)

8 x Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt 60c each - 2 x $100/4 MQs = 35c each

2 x Glad Force Flex Garbage Bags, $3.69 - $1 Target Q - $1 MQ = $1.69 each

2 x ReNu Contact Solution, $4.49 each - $2 Q = $2.49 each

Kraft Gift Card Items
Kraft is offering a $10 gift card if you purchase four different specified Kraft items along with $50 in total Publix purchases. According to chatter at www.iheartpublix, the $50 total can be before coupons, and the four different items can be different varieties of a type of item (e.g. two different kinds of Kraft 2% cheese.

Kraft 2% Shredded Sharp Cheddar, $2.79 - $1 MQ printable - $1/1 Food Lion Q = 79c

Kraft 2% Shredded Four Cheese Mexican Blend, $2.79 - $1 MQ printable - $1/1 Food Lion Q = 79c

Shake-N-Bake Chicken, $2.29

Jello Chocolate Pudding, $1.39
Total Spent for Kraft items: $5.26
Will Receive a $10 gift card.
Total: $4.74 profit, plus receive four FREE items above.

The Rest of the Haul

Pepperidge Farm 100% Whole Wheat Cinnamon Raisin Bread, $1.80 - 55c MQ = $1.25
Publix Hamburger Buns
Publix Hot Dog Buns
Dried Pineapple (My girls beg me to buy this!)
Hormel Bacon
Natures Own 100% Wheat Bread

2 x Fresh Express Spring Mix, $2.50 - $1 Publix Q - $1 Food Lion Q = 50c each
Bartlett Pears, 99c in-store special
Gala Apples
Baby Carrots
Green Onions
Red Grapes
Athenos Hummus
Publix Raisins

I used Food Lion $2 off $5 Produce Purchase from Food Lion and a $5 off $25 Rite Aid.

Total Value of Groceries: $168.78
Total After Sales, Before Coupons: $123.71 (for Kraft Rebate)
Total Value of Coupons: $80.18
Total Paid: $43.73 (Before Tax)
Total Paid After Tax: $48.38
Will Receive $10 Gift Card
Total Savings: $135.25 or 80%


  1. Hi Margery,
    My name is Tara and I live north of ATL too. I love seeing your great saving scenario and your recipes. Could you tell me which Publix you shop? My Publix will not accept Rite Aid or Food Lion coupons.
    You seem to enjoy shopping for your family and providing good nutritious meals. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    God Bless,

  2. Hi Tara,
    Thanks for your sweet comment. I shop at the "Flynn Crossing" store in Alpharetta usually. It is at the intersection of Windward Parkway and McGinnis Ferry Road. This store only accepted Kroger competitor coupons until recently. Now they accept just about everything.

  3. Thank you for the information. My son and daughter used to work at Starbucks in the Kroger shopping center near McFarland. It will a 20 min. drive for me, but I think worth it for the savings. Maybe I'll see you there sometime:)
    Thanks again for sharing all your finds!
    It's a great life,

  4. Haha, my trip is a mini haul of yours! Gotta love Publix!

  5. Maggie (maggiebugjuice@aol.com)July 25, 2009 at 10:17 AM

    I love your shopping trip this week! Do you have a way to track your blog via email? Thanks!

  6. Hi! Can you tell me where your carefree pantyliner manuf. Q came from? (an insert or is it a printable?) Thanks!

  7. Hi Wendy.

    The $1/2 carefree Q came from the newspaper inserts in the Atlatna area. I'm sorry I don't know the date. I use a clip and file system, and do a lot of trading.

    There is a printable 50c/1 Carfree Q here:

  8. Hi Maggie,
    At the very bottom of my blog is a link that says "Subscribe to Posts." You can also follow me on Google Reader, which is my favorite way to keep up with other blogs.

  9. Great job! I love my Publix as well!


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