Saturday, July 11, 2009

Super Savings Saturday at Publix

Since I will be participating in the All*You grocery challenge starting Monday, I thought I would do my shopping today instead of waiting until Monday. In the Grocery Challenge, participants must spend less than $25 per person in their family for all groceries and food items, including eating out, per week for four weeks.

With a family of five, that would give us a budget of $125 per week. I don't think this will be a huge challenge, since I am spending less than that anyway. The only trick for us will be the few times per week that my husband goes out to lunch with his coworkers. It turns out this shopping trip, I spent less than $40, which will likely last us the week.

I have a big supply of chicken, pork, steak, and ground beef in the freezer, so I didn't buy any meat this week. In fact, my 27 cu. ft. refrigerator-freezer is so stuffed, I absolutely cannot squeeze another thing into it. I don't think I have ever seen it so full. Funny thing is, my grocery spending continues to shrink, even as my stockpile grows!

Publix Free and Super Deals

4 packs Yoplait Yo-Plus, $1.25 (w/raincheck) - $1 Qs = 25c each

Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate 100% Juice, BOGO $2 - $2 Target Q CRT = FREE

Smart Balance Spread, BOGO $1.40 - 50c Q doubled = 40c
Smart Balance Milk, $3 - FREE SB milk When You Buy SB spread = FREE

Crystal Light Canister, BOGO $1.99 - $1 Q = 99c
Crystal Light Skin Essentials, BOGO $2 - FREE Skin Essentials WYB CL canister = FREE

Apple & Eve Juice Boxes, $1.59 regular price - $1 Publix Q - 50c MQ, doubled = FREE plus overage

4 x Muir Glen tomato sauce, 89c - $1 MQ = FREE plus overage

Spray & Wash trigger sprayer, BOGO, $1.50 - 50c Q doubled = 50c

Kellogg's Special K blueberry cereal, BOGO in-store special, $1.99 - $1 Q = 99c

Kashi Waffles BOGO, $1.39 ea - $1 MQ - 25c Target Q = 14 c each

Kashi Frozen Dinners BOGO, $1.74 ea. - 50c Target Q = $1.24 each
These will be good for my husband to take to work during the Grocery Challenge!

Planter's Peanuts BOGO, $1.60 - $1 Q from HERE = 60 c.

** First Aid Products Deal **

2 x Bandaid strips, $2.39 - 50c Q doubled = $1.39 each
1 x Neosporin $3.89 - $1 Q = $2.89
Total for above = $5.67
Used $5/3 Bandaid/Neosporin, etc. Publix Coupon from the Green Advantage Buy flyer
Final cost 67c for all three!

This was really handy as I needed Neosporin. There are other scenarios which will give you free items and possible overage.

** Feminine Sanitary Deal **

4 packs Stayfree Pads @ $2.85 each, used 2 BOGO coupons = $5.70 for 4
2 packs Carefree Liners @ $1.39 each, used 2 x 50c coupons = 78c for 2
Total of above = $6.48 for 6
** Used 2 x $3 WYB 3 Stayfree/Carefree, etc. Publix Coupons (Green Flyer) = -$6
Final Cost = 48c for 6 packs of pads!

The Rest of the Haul

2 Dozen eggs
Red grapes
Spring mix
3 Pints blueberries
Strawberries, $2.50 - $1 Target Q = $1.50
Simply Potatoes (BOGO)
2 x Tropicana OJ, $3 - $1/2 Q = $2.50 each
Skim Milk
Parmesan Cheese
Black Beans

I used a "$5 off $25 purchase" competitor coupon from a local health food store.

Total Value of Groceries = $134.97
Total Spent Before Tax = $36.53
Total Savings = $98.44 or 73%


  1. Love your deals! I took advantage of the blueberry deal as well. Fabulous price!! Couldn't find the 3 pk Apple & Eve though. That was a bummer. I didn't have a chance to post my deals this week, but LOVE seeing yours! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Great job on your shopping! I love how you listed out the deals and your kid is so cute!

  3. Hello Stephanie and Kristin. Thanks for stopping by. My girls usually beg me to be in the post photos. My son, not so much so. ;D)


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