Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kroger: Mega Event

I went by Kroger today to work the Mega Event. In this event, if you buy 10 specially designated items (has to be 10), the register will deduct $5 from your total. This works out to 50c discount per item, which makes many things very, very cheap or free after coupons and Mega Event discount. These sales can be fun, but are also a lot of work to research, find your coupons, and plan out the trip in batches of 10.

Here's how it all panned out....

2 Boxes Kleenex Ultra-Soft Tissues, $1.49 - 50c Mega Sale - 50c/2 Q doubled = 50c each

9 Boxes Kleenex Tissues (Regular), $1.49 - 50c Mega Sale - 3 x $50/3 Q doubled = 66 c each

2 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Bars, $2.49 - 50c Mega Sale - $1/2 Q from package insert = $1.49 each

3 x Playtex Gloves, $1.00 each - 50c Q doubled - 50c Mega Sale = FREE plus 50c overage each

Whiskas Cat Treats, $1.49 - 50c Mega Event - 50c Q, doubled = FREE

Philadelphia Cream Cheese, $1.29 - 50c Mega Event -$1 Q (from Publix "Grape" magazine) = FREE plus 21c overage

Sara Lee bread, $1.99 - 50c Mega Sale = $1.49

2 x Cottonelle Wipes, $2.69 - 50c Qs doubled = $1.69 each (not part of Mega Sale)

Total Spent, $13.01 before tax.
Total Savings $38.27, or 74%

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  1. Hey Margery, Can I buy some of those Kleenexs from you, LOL. On one of my schoool list they don't want generic facial tissue. Well. Cyndy R.


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