Thursday, May 14, 2009

76% Savings at Kroger

I stopped by Kroger on the way home from taking my kids to school.

I had heard from a friend that Kroger would double only one of a like coupon, and the others would only ring up at face value.  I'm happy to report that that was not true on my Kroger trip today.  I used 2 x 50c Angel Soft toilet tissue coupons and 5 x 50c Mahatma rice coupons, all of which doubled!  (It made the TP 28c per 4-pack and the rice FREE!)

 Kraft BBQ sauce is $1.25 each.  You can get your own $1 off printable coupons HERE and HERE.  Final price is 25c each!  This is a good time to stock up on condiments, as they are never on sale in the winter!

Milk $1.99

Rice 99c - 50c Q  doubled = FREE

TP = $1.28 - 50c Q doubled = 28 c

Kroger cereal bars = FREE with coupon from Kroger home mailer*

Propel water = FREE with coupon from the Kroger catalina machine

Pizza Cheese, 8 oz $1.19 each.  I needed these for pizza later this week!  (These actually rang up at $1.99, so I had to go to customer service for a refund of the overcharged amount.  Too bad Kroger doesn't have an equivalent of the Publix Promise!)

*If you have not registered your Kroger card on the Kroger website, you should do so, and sign up to receive the home mailers.  They issue these about once per quarter, and send you coupons for the things you use.  Usually they send you a coupon or two for a FREE item!

Final cost for all the above items:  $7.10, or 76% saved!


  1. You R-O-C-K Magery. How long have you been couponi-ing. You have a true mastery of working the deals. It's not easy for some, but for some it's like second nature.

    Do you shop with your children or without?

  2. Hi Thanks for the comment on my new blog.
    have you ask your kroger if the have a price right garentee because mine does and I did not know untill a couple of months ago. They dont let ppl know you have to ask for a full refund!

  3. Hi Margery,

    I do shop with my children sometimes. I usually take the girls with me on the weekends. If it's during the week I take my oldest daughter (15) and my youngest son (5) (homeschoolers)

    I do split my trips up. I save some items to buy on Sunday in order to meet the $10 minimum for the penny item.

    We shop at Publix a few times a week since we have to pass it any where we go. It's about 3-5 minutes from my home.

  4. Hi Friends,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I started learning about serious couponing exactly one year ago. I started with the drugstore savings (mostly CVS, then adding Walgreens & Rite-Aid) Back then I had no stockpile of Health and Beauty Aids, and these items are sooo expensive. Later, probably last July or August, I began grocery store couponing. I am a mechanical engineer by training and employment, so I think very mathematically, which helps. (I have been a SAHM for 9 years).

    My 10-year-old boy is in a Christian school full day. My 7-year old girl is in school half day, and my 4-1/2 year old is home schooled (and will be for the next two years.) I usually have my youngest with me, and she is a trooper. I sometimes have my middle daughter with me.


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