Saturday, May 30, 2009

Publix Trip 5/30 - Saved 71% (Lots of Frees)

I had a wonderful trip to Publix today.  I was even able to purchase a lot of fresh produce, many natural products and organic yogurt.  

Here are the things I got for FREE or ultra-cheap.

2 Glad Cling Wrap $1 - $1 Q = FREE
6 Glade Plug-Ins, 3 Free Item Qs + 3 BOGO Qs = 6 FREE
2 First Aid Kits $1.47 each - $3/2 Q (blinkie in Publix) = FREE
2 Kraft Mac & Cheese FREE (These are 60c each this week, and I had 2 x Buy 3 get one free Qs.)
4 French's Mustard:  70c each - 50c Q doubled = FREE + Overage
3 Taco Bell Kits: $1.35 - $1 Q = 35c each 
McCormick Black Pepper 4 oz, $1.80 -  $1 Q = 80 cents each.  (Great to get essentials!)
Sara Lee Hot Dog Buns $2 - $2 Q (WYB 2 Ball Park Hot Dogs) = FREE
Planters Peanuts $3.19 - $2 Food Lion Q - $1 MQ = 19 c 

Above is the rest of the trip.  I had so many coupons this time, that the customer service person had to enter a code to put in my last coupon.  

Shopping Trip Summary

Total Before Coupons & Sales : 193.55
Vendor Coupons:  $52.44
Store Coupons:  $14.25
Advertised Sale Savings:  $61.27
Advantage Buy Savings:  $3.03
In-Store Special Savings:  $7.00
Total Savings at Publix:  $137.99
Total Before Tax:  $55.56

Total Savings:  71%

As a side note, I haven't been too impressed with Publix meat or milk ($2.79/gal) prices lately, so I will be making a trip to Kroger later this week to buy $1.99 milk and $1.99 chicken.


  1. My Publix was out of the mustard. I wanted to apply the overage to the rest of my order. I also brought the wrong Kraft Q's with me. I brougt the deluxe Q's and the regular Kraft were on sale. So no overage there. I spent $24 and saved $89.00 so not to bad.

    I hate that my store says the cling wrap are not qualified in the Glad $1/1 Q's. I was able to get 8 but when I went back I was told that the mgr. said do not accept. arggh!

  2. Hi Proverbs Wife. I hope you get a raincheck when the store is out of a sale item! You can get overage next week!

    The mac & cheese regular is on sale, but still 60c/box is a good price. My 10 y.o. son can inhale one box by himself (LOL).

    My store has never told me that the Glad wrap is not a food storage product. What else would you do with it? Is there another store you could try?

  3. Great job! I love getting overage!!!


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