Friday, May 22, 2009

Publix Trip 5/22 - 77% Savings

Publix continues to amaze me with the wonderful deals and the number of coupons they give you for free!

Today I scored all of the items in the photo below for free or just pennies!

7 Free Glad Wraps: $1 - $1 Q from the Top Chef Coupon Booklet (available free at Publix) = FREE

2 Mini First Aid kits: $1.47 - $3/2 J&J First Aid Item (blinkie machine at Publix) = FREE

3 Bottles Kraft Dressing: $1.50, Used one $1.50 Q and 2 $1 Printable Q plus one Target $1/2 Q = FREE

4 Boxes of Wheat Thins:  $1.63, Used 4 x $1 Printable Q plus 2 $1/2 Target Printable Qs = 13c each

Ocean Spray Juice:  $1.99, Used $1 Printable Q plus $1 Q from the cash register tap at Target = FREE

2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese: $1.25 each, Used one BOGO coupon and one 75c/1 coupon = 25c each.  This will be great with all the cheap and free crackers we've been getting lately!

2 Bush's Grillin' Beans (photo below): $1.15 each, used 2 x 50c coupons doubled = 15 c per can.  I obtained these coupons by emailing the company and asking for them!

2 Packages of Kraft singles (photo below), 12 oz.:  $1.29 each, used $1/2 Manufacturer Q and $1/2 Target Printable = 29c each

Here is the rest of the spread.  I splurged on lots of yummy produce:  fresh corn, carrots, bagged salad, green onions, cilantro, and over 2 lbs. of cherries ($9.54 alone, Yikes!)

(Hint:  There is fresh salsa in our future!)

Final Tally:
Total Value of Groceries  $106.02
Vendor Coupons  $25.60
Store Coupons  $41.31
Ad Savings  $41.31
Advantage Buy Savings $4.13
Total Savings  $82.04
Total Spent 23.98 +
Tax $1.89

Saved 77%


  1. Wow...that is awesome. All of the moey you saved on non produce freed up so much to go towards produce. I am loving Publix. All of the FREE stuff is blowing my mind.

    If manufacturers were to ever do away with coupons I'd just about die. he!he!

    I hope that day never comes.

    Great trip and thanks for sharing.

  2. Wowee, impressive! :) My Publix (31909) gave me a hard time about stacking target coupons with mfg coupons on Monday. The cashier said I couldn't, so I politely asked him to check on that, and he got the manager. She (being rude to begin with...) told me that I couldn't stack a competitor with a mfg coupon, that I could only stack a publix with a mfg. I've done it TONS before and was really MAD (to say the least) that she wouldn't let me. I emailed publix for the official policy, and of course didn't hear anything back. What's up with that????

  3. I found peelies on the KC masterpiece marinades that were for a free bottle WYB 2 Glad food storage products so I was able to get the Glad wrap & the marinades for free. Love Publix!


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