Monday, May 18, 2009

Another Benefit to Frugal Living

I just know y'all want to look at my garbage cans!!

I am posting these silly photos to show one of the greatest advantages to Frugal Living.  Frugal Living is Green Living.  Us thrifty moms who reduce, reuse, and recycle not only save all the trash and packaging from going into the landfills, but it also saves us money, too!

My trash pick-up only comes once per week.  We have a huge recycle bin (the yellow-lidded one), and diligently recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, aluminum, steel cans, etc.  It is usually at least half to 75% full.  

This week, I kid you not, there is only one kitchen garbage bag and one household trash bag (tissues, floss, etc., which my son faithfully collects each Monday from the wastebaskets around the house). 

Just think how much trash you throw away every time your family goes to a fast food restaurant:  cups, lids, straws, sandwich wrappers, styrofoam containers, greasy fry containers, paper napkins, etc.  What about all those take-out convenience foods ... lots of packaging that goes in the garbage!  

So next time you decide to eat at home instead of go out, or if you cook ahead for your kid's sports practice days, remember that not only are you saving your own hard-earned "green,"  you are going green and saving the landfills, too!


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  1. This is one of the first things that I noticed when we began simplifying our lives.

    I love not having a lot of trash although we do have a lot of recycle items. So many boxes from all that cheap cereal. (he!he!)


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