Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big 'Ole Publix Shopping 6/20 - Saved $145 (69%)

I had a big 'ole shopping trip to Publix today and purchased a lot of meat. (Just a side note here: I am posting these shopping trips as part of the frugal shopping community not to brag on myself, but I want to pass along my savings ideas to others.) Each week it's amazing that more deals reveal themselves! This sale cycle runs through Wednesday in Atlanta area.

FREE and Super Deals

2 Starbucks Ice Cream pints BOGO, $1.79 each - $1.50 coupon = 29c each!

4 Yoplus Yogurt + 1 Fiber One Yogurt, BOGO, $1.25 each - $1 coupon = 25 cents each.
(My store ran out of vanilla yogurt, so I received a raincheck to buy more when they have more in stock, and when I have more room in the fridge. LOL)

2 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, $1.69 - Used coupon for FREE KC Masterpiece WYB Kingsford Match Light charcoal = FREE

2 Morningstar Farms Griller Veggie Burgers, BOGO, $1.90 each - $2/2 Target IP - 2 x $2/1 manufacturer coupon = FREE + overage

Fisher Fusions Trail Mix, BOGO, 90c - $1 Q = FREE + overage

5 Hebrew National hot dogs, @ 2/$4.99 = $12.48
Used 2 x $1 Q, 3 x 75c Q for a net cost of $8.23
I will send in my receipt and earn a $10 Publix gift card.
So, the net cost after coupons and gift card is FREE pus $1.77 overage!

2 Sundown Vitamin D, $2.99 each - $6/2 Q from the Green Advantage Buy flyer = FREE

Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese = $1.49 - $1 Q = 49c

6 bags of M&Ms, 89c each - FREE to 85c coupon = 4c each.
(Come back later to see what these turn into!)

2 x Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats, BOGO $1.95 - $1 Qs = 95c each

Other Great Deals

Here is the rest of my trip, including some other really great deals.

Here's a really interesting scenario that I did when I purchased 2 bags of Kingsford Match Light charcoal ( not pictured). It translated into some really cheap pork and free BBQ sauce!

2 Bags of Kingsford Charcoal, $7.99 each - $3 Qs, = $4.99 each
2 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, free WYB Kingsford Charcoal
Huge Pork Loin, $17.51 - 2 x $6 off pork WYB Kingsford & one other participating item (KC masterpiece included) = $5.51

2 x Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kit, BOGO, $1.48 each
Bought ground beef and used 2 x $1 off ground beef WYB Old El Paso

3 x Tropicana Pure Premium OJ, not on sale, $3.79 - $1 Food Lion Q - $1 Tropicana Q = $1.79 each. This is a staple in our house!

2 x Cracker Barrel sliced Cheese @ 2/$5 - $1/2 Q = $2 each

Crisco Canola Oil, sale $2.99 - .55 q = $2.44
(Isn't it hard to find good sales on cooking essentials?)

I also used a $5 off $25 purchase Rite Aid coupon as a competitor coupon.
I used a $2 off $5 produce purchase from Food Lion as a competitor coupon.

Total value of groceries purchased = $208.98
Vendor Q = $51.38
Store Coupon = $20.35
Sale price savings = $63.49
Total savings (before gift card) = $132.22
Will receive a $10 Publix gift card from Con Agra


  1. Great week Margery. I am trying to get to Publix before leaving for vacation. I'd love to return home to some starbucks ice-cream.

  2. Where do u get the $1 off ground beef wyb Old El Paso? TY

  3. This is a great list of savings. I love reading others deals!! I also went to Publix this week. I did good, but not nearly as well as you did!! I am so mad at myself for not using the $1 off ground beef coupon when buying Old EL Paso...bc I bought the Ol El Paso!! Damn!!! You think if I took it back they would make it right if I purchased the ground beef? I am new to couponing. I love it, but obviously need to pay closer attention! I am so thankful for gals like you with awesome blogs to help me figure it out and catch my mistakes!!

  4. Oh, I forgot to tell you how impressed I am at the whole charcol, pork, BBQ sauce buy!! You go GIRL!!

  5. Anonymous, The $1 ground beef was a Publix store coupon which came in the newspaper inserts last weekend (6/14, I think, or perhaps the previous Sunday.)

    I have taken forgotten coupons to the customer service desk at Publix along with my receipt, even a week later, and they have always cheerfully given me cash out of the drawer!! I don't know how they would take it if you didn't purchase the ground beef in the same trip. It never hurts to ask, but remember always to be polite, even if they say "no." If it's really important to you, you could return and repurchase the OEP with the ground beef.


  6. Man! I so wish we had a Publix close by. You guys always do so great there. I have to make do with Bi-Lo and Food Lion. :(

  7. Great shopping trip! I love my Publix, too!!

  8. Hi there...How did you use 3 Q's for 2 bags of charcoal to make it only $4.99 for 2 bags? Thank you so much :)

  9. I used a $3 Q on each bag, making them $4.99 each (not $4.99 for both.)

  10. Hi, you did a wonderful job at Publix...I have had trouble printing any of the Hebrew National Hot Dog coupons links available...glad you were able to LOL

  11. I planed to turn free M&M's into something yummy too, but my Huz ate them all :)


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