Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kroger Trip: Saved 37%

I have a hard time matching my Publix savings when I shop at Kroger.  I did want to pick up $1.99 chicken and $1.99 milk at Kroger, and found a couple of good deals, too.

$1 Carefree - $1 Q = FREE (I found the Q in Redbook magazine, a free subscription)
Sargento shredded cheese $1.79 - 40c Q doubled = 99c
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner (50% off this week) $1.29 - 50c Q doubled = 29c
(I wish I had more of those Qs, but the one I found came in my coupon train from out of state!)
2 x 88c eggs
Yoplait Yogurts 6 x 50c - 40c Q doubled.  There is a eQ on Cellfire, too, but I have a new card and haven't bothered to register the new card yet!
Gala Apples - 3.3 lb x $1.73/lb = $5.76  -- Hubby really believes in "an apple a day!"
Sunmaid Raisins $3.99 - not such a good price, but we needed them.

Total Savings:  37%


  1. Hi Margery:
    You did great with the 37% savings. I also love Publix, get good deals on their B0G1F and then using a coupon on each.
    Here are my savings for May:
    Purchased $409 - Paid $57.
    Bloom grocery store has triple coupons once a month. They have a 3 day period on the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I pull out my $.75 coupons which become worth $2.25. They also put many things on sale 2/$5, so with those coupons, the item is $.25. Walking up and down every aisle lets me see the unadvertised specials as they can't put every item in their ad. Some items are free with coupons, thus the above savings.
    These savings are in multiple trips, but I live 2 miles from Bloom and pass 2 other Bloom stores on the way to the free bluegrass music on Sat. nights. Sunday I stop at a Bloom store on the way home from church. I do find that each store carries different items, thus I'm able to use a variety of coupons.
    Trading coupons with other people out of state helps in my savings.
    Betty G

  2. Great Job, Betty!
    Thanks for stopping by. Shopping without kids (I imagine) helps to increase your savings because you can devote more time in multiple trips and focus more attention on your shopping. I always have 1-3 kids with me.


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