Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saving Money on Fresh Produce

My family is crazy for fresh fruits and veggies.  They taste so good, and they are so very, very good for you.  Creative home keepers can find ways to save money on fresh produce.  Gardening is a great frugal choice, and we have a few plants for that end.  Some people visit local farmers markets.  I have found a good local resource in my area is Super H Mart, a largely Asian grocery store.  They have an amazing selection of produce, and generally have some excellent prices on some of their offerings.

Here are the fruits and veggies I bought today at Super H Mart, for a total of $16.21 including tax.  Almost half of that was for the HUGE watermelon, which I have been totally craving lately!

**Super Buys**
2 x 12 oz. bags of Eat Smart broccoli florettes $0.79/2.  (These are something like $2 each at Kroger or Publix!)

5 juice oranges for $1 (20c each!)

2 bags of carrots @ 69 c each.  This is another thing we eat almost everyday.

3 lb. apples $1.99, my daughter's special request.

3 limes, 10c each (Great to add to ice water or tea!)

Head of red leaf lettuce, 99c

** Other Buys **
Watermelon  $6.99
Cucumber 69c
Georgia Peaches 99c / lb

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