Saturday, June 27, 2009

Huge Publix Trip 6/26, Saved $134 or 65%

Here's my big trip this week. Did you find the deal on ziplock bags? Publix sales run through Wednesday in Georgia. I hope my trip gives you some ideas. See my Publix Top Picks post for links so some of these great printable coupons.

Super Deals

2 Ziplock sandwich bags @ $1.99 each, reg. price - $1 Target IP - $1 MQ from "Smart Summertime Savings" booklet at Publix = FREE

2 Ziplock gallon storage bag @ $1.99. Used 1 BOGO coupon, 1 x $1 Target IP, and 1 x $1 MQ from "Smart Summertime Savings" booklet at Publix = FREE

Dove Bar, 89c - FREE coupon (up to 85c) from FREE Chocolate Fridays = 4c

2 Velveeta Shells & Cheese cups, $1.19, used FREE item coupon from Kraft First Taste = FREE
(Join to get free product coupons!)

6 x French's Mustard, 85c each - 50c Qs, doubled = FREE plus 15c overage on each!

Kraft BBQ sauce, 70c - $1 MQ = FREE plus 30c overage!

2 Crystal Light Skin Essentials, $2 each, used 2 FREE Skin Essentials WYB 2 Crystal Light canisters = FREE

4 Crystal Light Canisters, $2 each,
Used 1 x $2 MQ from July issue of All*You = FREE
Used 1 x $1/1 and 1 x $2/2 printable coupon = $1 each for 3

Ragu pasta sauce, $1.10 - $60c MQ (only good on Tomato & Basil or Margherita flavors) = 50c

2 x Kotex tampons, $1.60 each - $1 Qs from home mailers = 60c each
(These combined with the rest of the stockpile gives me enough feminine supplies to last a year, and I donate these items regularly, too.)

6 x Ritz crackers, $1.75 - 6 x $1 MQs = 75c each
(We use these frequently for kids' breakfasts & lunches: pb crackers, hummus & crackers, cheese & crackers, etc.)

Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, $2 - $1 MQ = $1

Newman's Own Salsa, $2 - 50c Q doubled = $1

Old Orchard Pom-Blueberry Frozen Juice, $2 - $1 Q from home mailer = $1

Sargento Mozzarella Cheese, $2 - $1 MQ from Kroger home mailer = $1

Kraft 2$ Mozarella Cheese, $2.79 - 50c MQ, doubled - $1 Food Lion Q = 79c

Lysol Plus Bleach Spray Cleaner (not pictured) $1.35 - 50c Q doubled = 35c

2 x Strawberries, $2 - $1 Target Q = $1 each

Rest of the Haul

Mahatma Brown Rice = $1.89 - 50c MQ doubled = 89c
(I have a big stockpile of free white rice, but we so do love the brown rice for the increased nutrition and hearty, nutty taste!)

4 x Bounty Big Roll, $1.25 each - 2 x $1/2 MQs = 75c each
(I do not use very many paper towels, but since I haven't restocked in almost a year I am running low. Plus, both my kiddos in school will need a roll for school supplies when school starts. I decided it was a good time to buy.)

Kleenex wipes, $2.39 - $1 Target CRT coupon = $1.39
(I dislike buying these, but they are REALLY important to some people in my family. ;D)

3 Tropicana Pure Premium, $3 each
Used 1 x $1 MQ and 1 x $1/2 MQ = $2 and $2.50 each

Soft Soap Body Wash (not pictured) $3.50 - $1 Target Q - $1 MQ = $1.50

2 x Athena Cantelope @ 99c each

2 x Pepperidge Farm bread $1.990 - 75c Target Q = $1.24 each

Fresh Express Spring Mix, $2.99 - $1 Publix Q from "Smart Summertime Savings" booklet at Publix

2 x Smart Taste Spaghetti, $1.50 each - $1/2 = $1 each

I had some other expensive items, too, for which I did not have a coupon (like sunscreen and NY strip steaks!) so my finals were not in the 70-percentage range, which is what I am usually able to do, but I am still very happy!

I also used a $5 off $25 purchase from Rite Aid from HERE.

Total Value of groceries: $204.92
Vendor Coupons: $40.82
Store Coupons: $22.50
Ad Special Savings $65.29
Advantage Buy Savings: $2.37
In-Store Special Savings: $3.02
Total Spent: $70.92 plus tax

Total Savings at Publix: $134.00 or 65%


  1. Great job! I didn't notice the ziploc deal so I need to go back and get some. I picked up a couple of the 'summertime savings' books yesterday, so I'll need to go back.

  2. Great deals! My Publix recently stopped taking Target coupons, so I wasn't able to use the Target Pepperidge Farm coupon. However, I found a peelie on the bread for $1.00/1 - plus it had coupons for Swanson chicken, Sargento cheese, and Ziploc bags!

  3. Where do you find the "Smart Summertime Savings" booklet?

  4. Susan, the "Smart Summertime Savings" booklet was in a stand-alone cardboard display in the front of my Publix store. It just came out, and most of the coupons expire either at the end of July or August. I hope you find one.

  5. Thanks, I found them!

  6. I am fairly new to couponing and glad to have found your blog. I also live in GA. I can't seem to get my coupon total savings up as high as others but am definatly spending my money more wisely using sales and coupons. I would love to know how you organize your coupons if you will share.

  7. Hello Anonymous,
    It took me over 6 months of couponing to get to the higher percentages. Don't be discouraged. The longer you do it, the more efficient you will become.

    I use a box system to organize my coupons. I only usually buy one paper, but I am in two coupon trading groups, which has helped my stack of coupons to grow. I also get them sporadically from my mom and my MIL.

    Here is a link to a great article on the box system. This is what got me started.


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