Thursday, June 4, 2009

Publix Shopping 6/4 - Saved $100

My family is camping this weekend with two other great families, so I had to go pick up some things for the trip.  One of the things we do is split up the cooking, so that each family cooks two big meals for all 14 people, instead of six little meals for our own families!  I love this method, but it does mean I had to buy a few things that were NOT on sale and NOT in my stockpile!!!  

(Hence, higher than normal cost, especially for 6 packs of sausage @ $3.49 - 3 x $1/2 Qs = $17.94 just for breakfast meat!!  But hey, it's a very economical vacation all things added together!)

Here are my SUPER deals:

5 South Beach Bars:  $1.49 each (Used 4x$1 printalble Q and 1 x $2Q from a home mailer) = $1.45 for all 5 boxes!

Planter's Cocktail Peanuts:  $2.95 regular price - $1 Q from - $2 Food Lion Q = FREE

1 Box Ritz Crackers:  $1.75 - $1 Q tearpad = 75c
1 Box Wheat Thins:  3.25  Used FREE Wheat Thins WYB Ritz = FREE  

6 Bottles Hunts Ketchup:  70c each - 3 x $1/2 Qs from the "Get Ready for Summer At Publix" booklet = 20c each!  I'm so glad I found the booklet at the store today.  I was planning to use my 20c/1 coupons, but the booklet coupons were so much better.  Now I think I REALLY AM stocked up on all my condiments.

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs:  $3.99 - Used Free item coupon from home mailer = FREE

Morning Star Farms Products  **Not on Sale**
2 x Sausage links @ $3.79 each - 2 x $1 MQ - $2/2 Target Printable=$1.79 each  (This is a real treat for hubby!)
2 x Veggie Burgers @ $3 each  2 x $1 MQ - $2/2 =$1 each  (This is a real treat for son & me!)

Aquafresh Toothpaste:  $1 - $1 Target Printable = FREE (It's hiding behind the ketchup!)

Starbucks Decaf Coffee:  $6.99 - $1.50 printables from = $5.49 each  (It's hubby's favorite coffee, so I buy it for him!)

Other deals of note:

Breyer's Ice Cream:  2 x $2.50 - $1 Q = $1.50 each  (yummmmm!)

4 bags Publix Greenwise Tortilla Chips $2.69 - $1 Target Archer Farms Q = $1.69 each  (Since Archer Farms is a house brand, I can use it at Publix on a Publix house brand.  Surprisingly,  The organic Greenwise chips were only 10c more than the regular Publix brand chips, for the same size!) 

Del Monte Gold Pineapple:  $2.69 - 75c printable = $1.94

2 x Pepperidge Farm buns:  $1.99 - 55c MQ - 75c Target Q = 69 c each

2 x Fresh Express Salad: $2.50 each - 1 x $1.50 Publix Q from Family Style Magazine (I think) = one for $1.00 and one for $2.50

3 x Bertolli Pasta Sauce:  $1.34  ( Used 2 x 75c Qs and one 60c Q) = 2 x 59c and 1 x 74c each

I also used a $5/25 Kroger coupon and a $5/25 Rite Aid Coupon

Order Total:  $70.92
Vendor Q:  $32.19
Store Q: $23.50
Advertised Special Savings:  40.02
Advantage Buy Savings:  $4.76

Total Savings:  $100.47 or 59%


  1. It is such a privilege to still be able to use Target Q's. My stores no longer accept them.

    I just noticed your profile picture. It interesting to see a face with a name. Very cute picture. I also didn't know that you were in ATL.

    We often vacation in the ATL. I will let you know when I'm in town again. I'll bring some Target Q's and we can get together for an afternoon of saving.

    Thank you Margery for all of your comments and input on my site.

  2. I saw the deal on Morningstar as well. I need to go back before the Q's expire to get some veggie burgers. It's a great healthy lunch for me! :)

  3. Hi there.... I'm in East Cobb...does Publix take Food Lion here in Atl area??? LOVE the deal on penuts!

  4. Hello Cathy,
    My Alpharetta Publix does take Food Lion Coupons, surprisingly. I shop at the Flynn Crossing Publix, intersection of Windward Pkwy and McGinnis Ferry Road. They take just about everything. I suggest you ask at the customer service counters at the Publix where you shop. I've also found that competitor acceptance policy varies widely from store to store around the Atlanta area.


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